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Use Coconut Oil to pre-condition hair before washing

Well all the rage seems to be about coconut oil at the moment. But stop, ancient dynasties have been drinking, rubbing, and cooking with coconut once its quenching and beautifying properties were discovered not failing to mention its soothing smell also.

When it comes to hair care, coconut oil is ubiquitous in many Asian and third world country households. For centuries many women have rejoiced in their long thick beautiful hair. The good old coconut oil has been a regular part of their hair care regime. Over the last decade, coconut oil has garnered lot of attention in the western countries, and for good reason. The benefits of coconut oil for hair care is now supported by scientific studies. 

According to one study, coconut oil when applied to the hair pre-wash reduced protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair. Coconut oil was compared with mineral oil and sunflower oil, and it proved to be far more beneficial than latter two.

Let’s see how coconut oil can help you get healthy hair.

Coconut oil conditions and imparts shine

Coconut oil is excellent for fine, thin hair. Due to its small molecular size, coconut oil can penetrate inside the hair fiber, offering deep conditioning. When applied after shampooing, it keeps the moisture locked it and gives hair incredible shine. Plus, there will be less friction between the hair fibers when combing and styling. Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties and soothes itchy scalp

Coconut oil is a great natural remedy to sooth dry and itchy scalp. Loaded with saturated fatty acids, it seeps through the scalp skin and works to keep it moisturised and soft. Plus, coconut oil offers a tons of polyphenols, which are very effective in reducing inflammation, redness and itching. Coconut oil prevents hair damage

The loss of protein during washing and combing can cause our hair to become weak, damaged and prone to split ends. Coconut oil has an ability to bind the hair protein complex together, preventing protein loss from the hair. Regular application of this amazing oil will help prevent damage, improve strength, resilience, and manageability. How and when to apply

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Liquefy about 1 to 2 tablespoon of oil by standing it in warm water or you can rub a small amount between your palms. Apply on your scalp and run fingers through your hair to evenly coat the oil. Gently massage with the pads of your fingers for about 5 to 10 minutes. Let it sit in your hair for about an hour before washing it out. For deep conditioning leave it overnight.

You can also apply it after washing and towel drying your hair. Instead of conditioner, apply a pea size amount of coconut oil to the lower third of your hair and leave on. Make this practice mindful. While massaging, recite positive affirmations to support hair growth. You don’t have to speak them aloud, just say it in your mind. You can say affirmations like – I have beautiful strong healthy hair, my hair is growing back naturally. Create your own depending on your needs and see the magic. Have you used coconut oil on your hair? 

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