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Work with us

We are Hiring!

If you are interested in working with us, click here to let us know what your interested in.

  • Saturday Helper

  • Receptionist/Social Media

  • Apprentice

  • Relations Consultant

  • Hair dressers/stylist

  • Sales & Marketing

If your interested in finding out if their are any vacancies email  your CV to us by clicking here

with the position your interested in listed in the subject header.

Train with us

We offer a range of Hair Extension courses t prospects looking to become qualified as a technician, Consultant or Trainer:

  • Learn in 1-3 Techniques on 1 day course

  • Train to become a consultant in 10 techniques in 5 days course

  • Train in five hair loss  techniques in 3 day course

  • Train to become a Trainer in 9 days course.

If your interested click here to download our prospectus or send us an email by  clicking here

Business Opportunity

Hair Extensions have been trending from Hollywood red carpets, Global awards through to a local person within your inner circles for the past 15 years. Why?

Celebrities on Red carpets and magazines have normalised hair extensions. Hair extensions has been a trending topic among many women as youtube has helped catapult the good, bad and ugly of the fake it market. But is it all vanity vanity as some parts of the media suggests?

It is arguable that the main reason for the popularity of hair extensions is that one can get instant gratification. That extension adds to the thickness and fullness of your hair in a shorter period of time than waiting for your hair to grow.

A opportunity now exists to make a investment in the same look and feel hair extensions and hairloss studio in your area.

If you are interested in finding out more then

email  your CV to us by clicking here.

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