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How Exercise can Help Hair Growth

Stress is a factor in stunted hair growth and also premature hair loss. 

Article by Diane Shawe M.Ed

A study published in the leading journal of Experimental Dermatology found that hair loss can be tied directly to the stress level by way of the hormones the body releases when stressed. Stress increases cortisone, the hormone that is responsible for hair thinning. Exercise naturally lowers cortisone levels while increasing serotonin, the hormone that allows you to feel energized and happy. Your genetic makeup is usually the main factor in hair growth, but exercising can also promote and maximise healthy hair growth. While cardiovascular exercise is obviously a great way to maintain a healthy and properly functioning body, the improved blood circulation allows the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles, which is essential for growth. Where there's adequate blood flow, there is stimulation and growth! This isn’t just hearsay either. Studies have been conducted that report the connection between blood flow and hair health. The increase in blood flow transports the essential minerals around the body. 

Getting the right amount of minerals is also very important. This is why the Eveda hair Grow capsules are a unique herbal and nutritional combination specifically designed to address the multi-factorial reasons of hair fall- from stress to nutritional imbalances. The specially selected herbs help in reducing stress, improve sleep and general vitality and can maintain hormonal balance in the body. It also possesses potent antioxidant properties that assist against cellular damage caused by free radical which leads to hair ageing and damage. When it comes to exercise, there are tons of reasons to get moving. From the heart healthy benefits to the improvement in your hair and skin, getting your exercise on is a smart move. While the weekly recommendations for exercise varies based on certain factors such as age and pre-existing conditions the UK Heart Association suggests at least 30 minutes of moderate activity five days a week will help to improve circulation. The UK Heart Association also reports that heart disease is the number one killer with stroke coming in at number five. Following their recommended guidelines, along with a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes, can help lower your risk. If your interested in finding out more register on our free health Awareness Seminar by clicking on the image below. 

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